Nowadays, your hotel can be located on high street, it won’t be noticed if your listing doesn’t appear on the first page of visitors search and competition is fierce. Being listed in the top 10 on Booking is a target every hotel and ghesthouse would like to reach.


Like any other on-line search engine, the algorithm of Booking is a receipe well kept and it is constantly evolving.

The mix of criterias is hard to work out and their weight in the equation are a mistery.

Although, there are criterias you can’t really change (like your location or your accomodation type), there are still significant opportunities to increase easily and quickly your overall score.

The key figure on will be your conversion rate. If you manage to improve this ratio, you will automatically get more visibility.

It means that you need to convince visitors that your offer has a better value for money than the other offers in the same area.

Price is a mecanical button you can press. But you can improve your positioning on without going into a price war.

In the booking process, pictures are of course decisive. Breakfast is also an important criteria for 66% of business travellers when booking their hotel*. Make sure you talk about it your description and that it stands out. Offering a decadent buffet with home-made jams, french brioche, fresh baguettes hot from the oven… will not only help you display appealing photos but should get you top customer ratings within no time.


Customer ratings are a significant leverage on your conversion rate on And positive comments will persuade a visitor to book with you rather than a cheaper competitor.

Study your customer ratings in details, work out an action plan for services you can improve and start monitoring your figures on a weekly basis. Having a tighter control on your quality results will help you to react faster and to improve your guests experience.

Don’t forget that breakfast is your latest chance to make a great impression.

Dynamise your buffet with local products. Rotate menus weekly for returning customers and offer various specialities.

Surprise your guests with home-made special breads and let the hot smell invade the staircase.

Encourage your customers to share their experience on the platforms. Work out your display and make it « instagrammable ».

Having gone through the above points you will get into an enthousiastic creative routine and will face competition with a hunger for more challenge.

* Study HRS among 250 000 hotels worldwide in 2013