Veganism is becoming mainstream. Interest in this new style of cooking is growing, especially among Millennials (young people up to 30 years) who are increasingly adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet, whether for environmental, ethical or health issues.

Demand is growing exponentially but the offer in catering & hospitality businesses is struggling to adapt. The reasons are various : professionals are not always trained in this type of cooking and have difficulty finding alternative ingredients. Others have not interested in this trend, or feel that it does not fit the theme of their establishment. There is therefore a great opportunity for professionals who will be pioneers in this field and will let people know about it.


Whether you join the vegan cause or not, learn that vegetarians and vegan are a very active community. They pass on their good addresses by word of mouth, get information and post their tips on the social networks. The vegan breakfast, proposed as an alternative or complement to the traditional breakfast, can help you get many comments and go viral. It bring you new customers and highlight the dynamism of your establishment.


To guarantee the success of your offer, pay special attention to the quality of your products.

Vegan breakfast is not just about cereals and soy milk. Vegan cuisine can be comforting and appealing. Improve your offer with golden and puff vegan pastries (croissants, pains au chocolat …), homemade jams, fresh bread…

Work on your breakfast buffet. The fantastic look has to appeal to the guests and make them want to take pictures and share them.

Do not hesitate to collect your customers’ comments to improve or complete your buffet. Communicate inside and outside your hotel or guesthouse. Target vegan circles : blogs, channels,…