vegan croissants

Make french vegan croissants : Download our free recipe

It is not because you are vegan or vegetarian that you should miss out on warm flaky croissants for your breakfast in the morning. The croissant can be a nice light alternative to bread to make sandwiches at lunch time.

Step by step

We show the French traditional French method and have adapted the recipe so it can be enjoyed by anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

We will point out all the pitfalls from our teaching experience, that you can fall into, and ways to resolve the problems.

Indulge yourself and your guests

How can you go through life without eating a good flaky french croissant once in a while ? Does being vegan means that you have to miss out on the good things in like ?

This is the reason why we developed this recipe. We specially made it for a friend of us and are very proud of the results of his first bake during the training. Since he’s made them a few another times, his croissants have been a big success.

The vegan margarine can be hard to find but usually you can get it in organic specialized stores. Make sure you read carefully the list of ingredients at the back because some products might include milk powder.