Download your vegan curry puffs free recipe and start making your own. Learn how to bake vegan savouries using only fresh ingredients.

Looking for new vegan recipe ideas ? Need ingredients swapping tips to respect a vegan diet ? This recipe will help you. It is suitable for beginners and doesn’t need any professional tools.

Whether you are vegan and you want to diversify your diet or you are hosting some friends or family who follow a vegan diet and you want to surprise them with an original delicious dish.

You’ll love our teaching method :

  • Process step by step with full timing and pictures
  • Understable and easily achieved
  • Pitfulls and great tips
  • True correct and traditional bakery method without shortcuts, without any additive or ready-mix. So you end up with a really healthy, fresh, tradionnal product.

We made this recipe to the French traditional method but we adapted the ingredients to fit a vegan diet.

It is an easy recipe that can be split in several moments. The preparation time is not very long but it takes several stages of resting the dough which will allow you to do something else in the meanwhile. Just make sure you plan your timing ahead. There is no shortcuts : if you don’t let the pastry rest, the dought will be hard to roll out and it will shrink. It also makes it a lot harder to handle. But if you follow the timing and simple steps, you will be fully rewarded with top noch 3 michelin stars vegan puff.

We have developed this recipe on a special occasion. We went on a picnic with some friends on family and as one of them was following a vegan diet, we tried to find something which would please everyone.

It was a great success, even the meat lovers enjoyed it. It’s been very handy, easy to eat and carry, without knives and forks.

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Download now your vegan curry puff free recipe and start making your own savouries.